Club Magazine

Lamborghini Club Australia Inc. publishes a magazine aptly titled - The Bull's Roar. The title comes from the expression . . . you wouldn't get within a bull's roar!

The magazine was first published in 1994 and in the Club's early years was published as a very simple stapled A4 newsletter. In 1996 the magazine evolved to become a bound publication, albeit still printed in black and white. During this period the magazine did feature a colour cover and often an interesting and unique photograph of one of our members' cars or press release photograph from Lamborghini.

It wasn't until 2007 and issue 41 that the magazine went to full colour. Issue 56 is when the publication went to a glossy cover.

The Club endeavours to publish three issues per year of this high quality world class publication.

The magazine is really our lifeline as it keeps members up-to-date with Club activities, informed about new developments with Automobili Lamborghini as well providing some fascinating history on the Lamborghini marque and a forum for news, gossip and of course classifieds.

Advertising space can be purchased. As at 1 July 2015, advertising rates were $500 AUD for the inside front cover, normal full page and inside back cover. $1000 AUD for a double page spread. $350 AUD for a normal half page and $200 AUD for a quarter page. Please contact the Club Secretary for details. Note that prices are subject to change without notice so please call for the most current pricing. Placement is dependent on availability. Eg. The back cover may already have a placement for it.